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Custom Beams and Timbers


Custom Beams and Timbers

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Timbers can be produced as boxed heart or free of heart or as surface clear. Some timbers have restrictions on surfacing and wane beyond the grade rule where they are to be used in highly visible applications (referred to as ‘appearance’). It is possible to make a 54”x54” 60 ft solid beam. Timbers can be made for temple makers, timber frame construction, or industrial applications.


Processing :
Species :
Moisture Content :
Surface :
Grades :
Thickness :
Widths :
Lengths :
Country/ Region Origin :
Certification Options :
Other Names :
Sawn Lumber

Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Hem-Fir, Western Red Cedar, Cypress (Alaskan Yellow Cedar), Sitka Spruce, Pine
Green or Dried

S4S, Rough

#1 Structural & Appearance / #2 Structural (NGLA para.:124/130/131) or R-List Clears

3" - 54" (76mm-1372mm)

4” to 54” (76mm-1372mm)

3-60 ft (1.0m -20m)

Canada, USA


Appearance Timbers, Hafu, Temple Beams, Timber Frame, Crane Mat Timbers, Bridge Timbers