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Rig Mat, Crane Mat, and Mining Timbers


Rig Mat, Crane Mat, and Mining Timbers

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TRAPA is a proud supplier to North America’s mining and oil and gas sectors. Timbers for rig mats and crane mats are free of wane so that the mats are safe workplaces. Mining timbers can be provided for single use or for heavy use applications. We make sure that it arrives on time, on grade, and on size.


Processing :
Species :
Moisture Content :
Surface :
Grades :
Thickness :
Widths :
Lengths :
Country/ Region Origin :
Certification Options :
Other Names :
Sawn Lumber

Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Hem-Fir, Western Red Cedar, Cypress (Alaskan Yellow Cedar), SPF, Western Larch
Green or Dried

S4S, Rough

#1 Structural & Appearance / #2 Structural (NGLA para.:124/130/131) or R-List

3” to 12" or bigger

4” to 12" or bigger

8-40 ft

Canada, USA


Industrial Timbers, Seismic Timbers